Speaking Engagements

Dr. Swope has been teaching psychology for many years. His passion is not simply teaching psychology, but teaching people to see psychological concepts in their own lives.

Whether it is exploring memory and how a person might forget why they walked into a room or whether it is exploring waking up from a great dream and the inability to get back to the dream, Dr. Swope’s speaking style has a knack for having listeners do an intellectual double take.

His book Need for Magic is a testament to the idea that vocabulary and definitions in textbooks can be brought alive and seen in the world if we know how to look for them.

Though everyone is unique, we have more similarities than differences. Dr. Swope has taught psychology to students from age 15 to 75 and has found a way to make it relevant to all of them.

He is available for speaking engagements for groups of all sizes. His descriptions of every day events go beyond painting a verbal picture. They create a psychological mirror in which the attendees of your next function will enjoy seeing themselves.

To schedule Dr. Swope to speak to your class or group, please email him here to get in touch.

Semester Course of Need for Magic at University of Maryland